From Excel to REST API

Your own API in 3 minutes from an Excel file without a single line of code

Create my Bridge API

Import an Excel File

Import a spreadsheet of your data in Excel format (.xls, .xlsx or .csv).

Your API is online

A new REST API with your Excel data is now open and accessible from all over the world !

Share it !

The API documentation is automatically generated. Just share it and let the magic happen.



Create your open API in just a few clicks without any technical skill. It will be immediately available.


Usually, an API is expensive. With Bridge, you can create your own API for free. We host it for free too, for life.

Open Data

Bridge allows you to open your data to the world. They can be accessed from any application, anywhere.

Create a simple API from an Excel spreadsheet

Bridge is a tool that converts Excel or CSV spreadsheets into a REST API always available.

Automatic Documentation

Full documentation is automatically generated for each API. It will include all endpoints and examples of responses.

Zero line of code

We are not all developers. Bridge was created for those who want to share their data without coding.

We love REST

The Bridge APIs use the REST convention and the JSON format. Yes, we know how to treat developers well.

Analytics Pro

Monitor your API activity with a full analytics dashboard.


Bridge hosts your APIs, no need to buy a server. We guarantee a 99.99% availability on all your Bridge APIs.

Authentication Pro

Your data must remain private ? Implement an authentication system to limit access to your API.

Who is using Bridge ?

Bridge is made for organizations, companies and individuals that want to share data as simply as possible.

Looking for a simple REST API for a project? Bridge is the easiest and fastest way to do it. A little secret: Bridge is also very convenient to make a mock of an API.

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